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Green Truck For Green Truck serving fresh organic food is just the beginning, their mission is to "heal the planet one meal at a time." To keep it green these guys use veggie oil to fuel the trucks, solar to power their kitchen, and shop at local farmers markets. An early player in the gourmet food truck movement, Green Truck is committed to a happier and healthier world.

Funky New Food Truck Crossover Space Arrives in Culver City

Funky New Food Truck

A new kind of restaurant is taking up residence along Venice Boulevard in Culver City soon. It’s called The Truck Stop cafe, and the idea is to provide all-day service for diners looking to eat from a truck without chasing one down.

Keep in mind, the idea of a stationary truck that customers go to for their meal is far from revolutionary. Nor is the idea of a rotating collection of trucks parking at the same spot during designated times. Rather, The Truck Stop aims to create a space that is part permanent, part rotational, offering different experiences from morning to late night. There will be Verve Coffee in the morning and takeaway snacks for those on the go, followed by outdoor seating and lunchtime eats from a new truck daily. In the evenings, The Truck Stop will offer al fresco dining either with a different local truck, or with a standalone taco cart.

The cafe is, in part, backed by the folks who run the longstanding healthy-eating Green Truck, but it should cater to a variety of trucks and tastes. Expect an opening sometime mid-next week, with longer hours to follow.

The Truck Stop
10100 Venice Blvd.
Culver City, CA

America's Top Food Trucks

America's Top Food Trucks

High-end food trucks have been steadily growing in popularity, but what street food is worth eating?

Food trucks have been around for decades. Actually, if you consider the chuck wagon, created in 1866, mobile eateries have been around for well over a century. Of course, the first diner, established in 1872, was actually a food truck. Creator Walter Scott parked his horse-drawn freight wagon in front of the Providence Journal offices and sold hard-boiled eggs and sandwiches to its workers. Over the years, grease trucks, roach coaches and mobile kitchens have been frequented by many, but it wasn’t until recently, when former Le Bernardin chef Roy Choi started the asian fusion truck Kogi Korean BBQ in Los Angeles, that these perennial meals-on-wheels got any respect.  Now, acclaimed food trucks, many of which you can track on Twitter, are sought out as fervently as five-star restaurants. People like that you can enjoy a high-quality meal at low-level street prices.  MainStreet lets you know which ones to include on your next worldwide food truck tour.  Many of these food trucks are in New York City and Los Angeles so if you have suggestions of food trucks near you, let us know. Photo Credit:tkksummers

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