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Culver City’s Favorite Food Truck Gathering MarketWhat We Do

The Truck Stop offers it all. Culver City is home to our food truck gathering market, commissary, event space, in-house kitchen, and tasting room. We also offer catering services and food truck rentals to bring the glory of our gourmet cuisine to where you are located. Whether you come visit one of our locations or invite us to your next party, The Truck Stop if your solution to your dining needs. The Truck Stop is a nuanced approach to the dining and food truck industry. With over 150+ food trucks to choose from, The Truck Stop is LA’s largest offering of gourmet food trucks in one convenient location. Come to our café. Visit our stops. Book our venue or book our truck. We bring a nuanced approach to dining, catering, and events that will revolutionize what you thought you knew about food truck dining.

The Truck Stop Offers:

  • Food Truck Court
  • Commissary
  • In-House Kitchen
  • Catering
  • Café
  • Event Venue Rentals
  • Tasting Room
  • And More!

Food Trucks for Parties and Events Across LA

What started with a love for food trucks has grown into a reimagined way of gathering and dining. Whether you visit one of our benchmark locations in Culver City or go to your favorite food truck at one of our satellite locations, The Truck Stop delivers fresh, local, and gourmet food that is founded on the belief that the culinary experience is not limited to a single destination. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or need to feed the whole team, The Truck Stop is your one-stop shop for everything. Get in touch with us today to become one of our official food truck stops. Join us in shaping the new era of food truck dining. We take the mystery out of food trucks.