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Organic Food Truck Cuisine and Much More in Culver City The Truck Stop Café

A new kind of restaurant is taking up residence along Venice Boulevard in Culver City. It’s called The Truck Stop Café. We provide all-day service for diners looking to eat from a truck without chasing one down. The café is open every morning at 7am to serve Verve Coffee, organic acai, fresh smoothies, avocado toast on gluten-free sourdough bread from Vegan Mario's, and more! Artisanal coffee in the morning and takeaway snacks for those on-the-go are available, followed by outdoor seating and lunchtime eats from a new truck daily. The Truck Stop Café brings the very best LA has to offer in two convenient Culver City locations.

The Truck Stop Essentials:

  • Organic Breakfast Menu
  • Specialty Market
  • High Quality Provisions
  • Premium Roasted Coffee
  • And More

The LA Food Truck Experience Revolutionized

The Truck Stop is reshaping what the LA food truck experience can be. Keep in mind, the idea of a stationary truck that customers go to for their meal is far from revolutionary. Nor is the idea of a rotating collection of trucks parking at the same spot during designated times. Rather, The Truck Stop aims to create a space that is part permanent, part rotational, offering different experiences from morning to late night. Come visit The Truck Stop Café in Culver City today to discover organic local cuisine in a community-oriented environment.

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